bespoke-categoryThank you for your interest in JJ's Bespoke Joinery.

I show my inspiration for each design style and the beautiful classic and contemporary furniture which is a result of years of development. Although we are well known for our unique staircases, I design furniture for every room in the home, fitted and free standing, including bedrooms, bathrooms and media rooms. Every effort is put into providing the finest furniture of its kind with expert installation and building alterations, should you require them. Our service is a very personal one, giving you a design specifically tailored to your requirements which will suit your home and lifestyle.

Our customers say only nice things about us, including that we make some of the best and most beautiful furniture in the world, a reputation that I believe we have built by combining an emotional approach to design, innovation, true craftsmanship and an intelligent use of technology. A great combination of fine workmanship, a healthy no nonsense approach and customer service to die for.

stairs 1Exclusive aesthetics supports the quality and unmistakeable design which are the ingredients that make any of Jamie's products unique.
I hope that you enjoy our website and that it is a source of inspiration for you, enough to want to experience our furniture firsthand, because it is only by touching and feeling the actual furniture that you fully appreciate the real difference.

JJ's Bespoke Joinery way of design is to develop an emotional idea, to take the sensation, the spirit of the place that means something and create authentic existence that defines unique style.